Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seasonal Sigh of Golden Leaves

An Autumn display of leaves covering the ground reminds us Spring and Summer are long gone and Winter is on its way.

On a recent walk in the neighborhood with my dog I enjoyed a golden sea of fallen leaves. I was absolutely amazed at how far-reaching the leaves of this tall maple tree were, covering the ground of two properties and the alley in between. And, the tree still had quite a few leaves remaining that would fall later in the season.

While this colorful display of nature was a gift to be taken in by the senses, its beauty also gave way to thoughts of many seasons of my life gone by. I admit to reminiscing a sorrowful moment or two of time gone by. Still, I embraced the fact that the season of youthful greenery would spring forth once again in the coming year.

I felt this the perfect picture of the golden leaves of life to turn into a greeting card for noteworthy thoughts to share with friends or family. Inside top of the note card is Haiku © Ruth Cox.

Fallen leaves of trees
Sigh shivery shades of green
Sprung in days of yore