Friday, September 28, 2018

Fall Food Pantry Porch Pumpkins

Autumn has arrived and so have the pumpkins.

Fall Food Pantry Porch Pumpkin Haiku

Once again PUMPKINS HELPING PEOPLE has chosen to help feed the hungry by donating the proceeds of Fall pumpkin sales to the Canal Winchester Community Food Pantry. How awesome is that!

When a young lady knocked on my door to explain how PHP is helping my community I did not hesitate to purchase a pumpkin in support of my local food pantry. A few years back I found myself in need and the Canal Winchester Community Food Pantry fed me for a few weeks. I welcomed the opportunity to give a tidbit back.

Having no desire to carve a pumpkin, I had the young fellow who accompanied the young girl select a pumpkin from the truck for me. Then, I had him set it on my neighbor's front porch steps. I knew the children living there would have much more fun with the pumpkin than I. Besides, I can enjoy it from my front porch too!

If you live in Canal Winchester, Ohio then be sure to purchase your fall pumpkins from PUMPKINS HELPING PEOPLE just like me. No doubt you will get the same "Feel-Good" sense of satisfaction that I am feeling right now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sunny Susy Good Neighbors

Sunny Susy Red Orange Thunbergia Vine
A neighborhood is only as great as its residents. I am fortunate to be blessed by many good neighbors!

A couple of weeks ago when not feeling my best, one of my dearest friends dropped by with a bit of sunshine which instantly cheered me up. I knew just where I wanted to hang my Black-Eyed Susan Vine and had even bought the hook from which to hang it. Unfortunately, I am too short to reach up there to do so.

"Sunny Susy" now hangs on my front porch—thanks to my good (and tall) next-door neighbor!

I often tell others about my great neighbors and the great little things they do for me and my dog Valentino. Do you find yourself sharing good neighbor stories with others?

Sometimes saying "Thank you!" just isn't enough for the sweet little things our neighbors may do for us. Now we can give them an award for being one of the good things in our everyday lives.

Two flowers poised side-by-side on the Thunbergia vine sharing their red orange sunshine made for the perfect picture for the latest design by abitosunshine.

(Note: click the award below to read my Haiku.)

Go ahead, share a bit of sunshine with your good neighbors! And, don't forget to be a busy body rather than being one of those neighborhood busybodies.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday Skywriting

How appropriate the Palm Sunday sky view from my front porch today!

Palm Sunday Skywriting

An airplane left its smoke trail of a cross against the clear blue sky. I share the view as well as the Haiku the plane's skywriting inspired.

©Ruth Cox


Although I missed the Palm Sunday festivities with my church family today (I overslept.) I feel blessed by the view from my front porch.

Have you ever wondered how skywriting is done? Read more about it!

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