Friday, December 1, 2017

In Memory of Mom

There is no excuse for domestic violence. There is no excuse for any form of family abuse.

By the hand of a man my mom's life was cut short and the lives of her children were changed forevermore.

Forty-two years ago on this day
Domestic abuse took my Mom away.
Loved ones, crying hearts know not silence—
No rhyme nor reason for the violence.
©Ruth Cox

In memory of Mom I created this lovely ceramic ornament. This is a piece of my life that never gets packed nor put away after the seasonal holiday.

You, too, can create your own memorial ornament at Zazzle. You, too, can arise against abuse.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Front Porch Serenity Flash Fiction

I often sit on my front porch late at night, chasing serenity at the end of a day. This night was no exception. The day went by in a flash but that was quite alright for the night belongs to me.

I decided to see what was going on over at the Carrot Ranch. It has been a long while since I have visited with my friend Charli at her literary community. But of course, I immediately see a flash fiction challenge I cannot resist and the deadline is tomorrow!

I say to myself, "Oh joy, I work lunch and dinner tomorrow which means I must write to the prompt tonight!" I had to, I already had a picture story in my mind's eye.

Front Porch Serenity Steeple Chase

Carrot Ranch November 2, 2017 Prompt

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a chair on a porch. Why is it there, and what might it mean? Think about using it as a prop or the main thrust of your story.

Serenity Steeple Chase

©Ruth Cox

In the dark of night while sitting alone on the front porch in an old rocking lawn chair I find I feel serenity. I need only look to the sky; chase the steeple with mine eyes.

Mesmerized by the sight of the light, I am mindful of the moment.

At the steeple of peace I stare as I rock to and fro in my chair. Back and forth, and once again.

I pause, listen to the nothingness in the still of the night.

Silence steals my serenity.

Come Sunday morning this girl's going to church!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Limerick Dog Picture Poems

My dog Valentino is an amusing muse. To my surprise his puppy dog eyes inspired me to put pen to paws and share a pair of limerick dog picture poems with you.

My dog begged me to sleep in today. I silenced the ring of my Sunday morning go-to-church alarm clock, choosing instead to snuggle up in bed with Valentino. I could not resist those sad-looking hound dog eyes!

Sunday Dog Limerick Poem

My hound dog named Valentino
Awoke, didn't want me to go
So our Sunday best
Became day of rest
For me and my mellow fellow.
©Ruth Cox

In the spirit of the fall season, my dog Valentino wanted to share his love of pumpkins with you.

In the spirit of Halloween
My dog nose is pumpkin-scent keen
But to my surprise
This Autumn disguise
Is inedible. Oh, how mean!
©Ruth Cox

We think writing dog poetry is fun and have written quite a few hound dog limericks over the last couple of years. And we encourage you to write funny limerick poems of your own. Your dog poetry could be a bestseller!

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