Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ruthless Ruthful I Am

A year ago today I penned a poem in an attempt to share my thoughts of who I felt I was on that day. I look back across this past year and can truthfully say I no longer feel this way and am quite happy with the Ruth that I am today.

Before continuing, read my "Ruth I Am" poem of then.

Now, the Ruth I am continuously becoming is ruth less as well as ruth full...

My days are filled with joy and sorrow... as it should be. These are both living things, the fruitfulness of life. Without a bit of rotten fruit I would not appreciate the fresh and friendly fruits of my life. Believe me, they are plentiful!

Ruthless, for instance, is my new nickname from a coworker at my new job. One of my favorite fellows gave me the name just a few days into the job, for a truly ruthless comment I made to another coworker in his presence. Yep, I earned it and it stuck!

Ruthful is who I always am... tenderhearted, compassionate, and sorrowful, as well as rueful, feeling remorse for the misdeeds of my life. Yes, even a few of the ruthless ones, ha!

Speaking the truth of Ruth... I am ruthless in my mission to dig deep roots for myself and the current love of my life -- my dog Valentino.

Ruth I was born and I shall always be ... Ruth I am!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Joyous Spring Crocus

As the hands of time are poised to spring forward an hour in the wee hours of the morn, I focus on the passionate purple and golden yellow crocus discovered on my neighborhood walk today. Ah—the joy of Spring grows near and dear!

My walk with my dog Valentino (whose nose made the crocus discovery for me while his focus was upon a scent trail of who knows what) assured me Spring truly is almost here. While I may not appreciate the loss of an hour as my clock springs ahead as I lay sleeping tonight, I am certainly delighted at the sight of the crocuses found blooming today.

To show and share my appreciation for this joyous sighting of crocus flowers, I penned a Haiku poem and created a picture postcard ... Enjoy!

Crocus in focus
Leaves a fallen mem'ry. Joy
Springs forth forever.

Joy of Spring Crocus Postcard
Joy of Spring Crocus Postcard by abitosunshine
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To me the crocus flower represents joy and passion in living. This first sighting of Spring crocuses has me appreciating the fact that my dog and I have survived our first winter in Ohio and we are both ready for the arrival of a spring in our step as we march forward ... Together

Meanings of Flowers

There is much to learn about flowers and their meanings, generally as well as personally.

Does the sighting of the first flowers of Spring mean something special to you?

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rosebud Timelessly Frozen

An ever-budding romance awaits those willing to walk through the doors of life and love.

Red Rosebud Frozen in Haiku...

Timelessly Frozen
Ever-Budding Romance. Life—
Unopened Portals

We can remain frozen in time as did the petals of this red rosebud in an early frost. Or, we can choose living and loving our way through the unopened portals to experience the fullness of these sacred gifts.

With today being Valentine's Day, I have chosen not to remain timelessly frozen. I choose to shake off the frost and push the door open to live a life of love. I will leave the door ajar so you can join me on this journey.

Disclosure: Ruth Cox is an Associate of Amazon and of Zazzle and may earn income based on purchases made through links in this article.