ABC Challenge

Whether writing poetry or prose, I tend to base my creations on my emotions at the moment. Pen (or keyboard) in hand, I find myself writing through what I am feeling or my reaction to the emotions of others.

Being one whose emotions seem to inspire my creativity, I felt it important to get (and to stay) in touch with my emotions from a creative writing perspective. Thus, this creative challenge based on identifying emotions was born.

In doing a bit of research I discovered a comprehensive list of emotions. It is from this list of alphabetized adjectives of emotions that this twenty-six week challenge of poetry and prose will be based upon.

You are invited to join me on this writing journey. I look forward to the poetry and prose written for others to read as we work our way through the alphabet one emotion identified per week.

26-Week ABC Poetry and/or Prose Challenge

On Friday of each week I will publish my emotional article based on that week's letter right here on this blog. You are encouraged to follow this blog via Email so that you receive notification of my poetry and prose for this challenge as well as other writings. (Submit your Email address to Follow by Email on the top left margin of this blog.)

I will also provide a link-up for you to add the link to your weekly articles of emotions. You are welcome to submit from wherever your article is published, be it your blog, web site, or content writing platform.

The inlinkz link list will be available throughout the entire week so that you may submit the link to your writings anytime during the week of the letter to which it applies. This way there is no pressure for you to publish on Fridays as I will be doing.

ABC Challenge Badge
You are encouraged to share the link to this ABC Challenge in your weekly articles and may display the "badge" for the challenge so that others may read our writings as well as join in on the challenge.

We will begin with the letter "A" and work our way through the alphabet (in order) ending with the letter "Z" using the comprehensive list of emotions found HERE.

You may jump into this challenge at any time and if you do you are encouraged to play catch-up and submit more than one article each week to do so. That means, too, that if you miss a week for some reason you can double up the next week to write along with the challenge.

Be it poetry or prose, fact or fiction, or a combination of all — enjoy the creative emotional journey! Feel it, Publish it, and ADD IT!

This week's ABC Challenge post: 

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