Monday, January 5, 2015

Creative Resolution of Old and New

A ray of sunshine today is found when yesterday's sorrow has drowned. 

And drown yesterday must — blown away in a gust of wind like fallen leaves on the ground. But of course, we all know the treasure of little girls and boys found buried in the pleasure of a pile of autumn leaves.

Therein lies the premise of my one resolution for the new year. Be it stormy weather inside or outside, Father Time spews, "Out with the old, in with the new."

Winged Isis Egyptian Goddess
No matter the stormy weather or the life crisis, and perhaps blessed by the goddess Isis...

I resolve to blow yesterday away with a sun ray every day by living within a sunshine state of mind, perchance creating something new out of yesterday's point of view.

Sunrise Of A New Year

I and my dog Valentino awoke before the rise of the sun this 5th day of the new year, 2015. While sky shed its darkness, dog led our way to the sea.

And what did we see? We saw nature creating serenity!

Right before my eyes the stormy weather of the past was drowning in the glistening sunrise slicing its way through the horizon, rising over the pier, all the sorrow of yesterday making way for a sea of waves of serenity like none other.

Here, my camera captured nature's view, and with a bit of creativity I penned a haiku of yesterday and today.

'Yesterday' Sunrise Haiku by Ruth Cox

Showing whence the sunrise came, I created a picture postcard for you too. (Click images for a larger view.)

Creative Every Day

In keeping with my New Year's resolution, I have accepted the Creative Every Day Challenge.

Consider yourself an everyday creative? Join the challenge at Creative Every Day!

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