Friday, December 25, 2015

Full Moon for Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve has been a pleasure. I spent the early evening in and about the house with my dog Valentino, my roommate, and my net friends.

Valentino took me for a walk shortly after the sun hid itself from our view. I glanced up at the darkening sky displaying a full moon on the rise, my cell phone camera capturing it nestled in the midst of bare branches of a nearby treetop.

Click image for a larger view of Full Moon Christmas 2015

Returning from our dog walk, I checked online to confirm ... Yes! A full moon for Christmas!

From my research I learned that it has been nearly forty years since we have been graced by a full moon on Christmas and that the next will be in the year 2034. I am sure glad I caught this one, in case I miss that one!

I read that this gift from nature is called a Full Cold Moon and is also referred to as the Full Long Nights Moon. But of course, my view of the moon and its names gave rise to a poem in Haiku form.

© Ruth Cox
Full, Cold, Long Nights Moon
Christmas Twenty-Fifteen; far
away from low sun.

Have yourself a warm and merry Christmas!

My sources of information? The Farmers' Almanac and NASA, of course!