Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ruthless Ruthful I Am

A year ago today I penned a poem in an attempt to share my thoughts of who I felt I was on that day. I look back across this past year and can truthfully say I no longer feel this way and am quite happy with the Ruth that I am today.

Before continuing, read my "Ruth I Am" poem of then.

Now, the Ruth I am continuously becoming is ruth less as well as ruth full...

My days are filled with joy and sorrow... as it should be. These are both living things, the fruitfulness of life. Without a bit of rotten fruit I would not appreciate the fresh and friendly fruits of my life. Believe me, they are plentiful!

Ruthless, for instance, is my new nickname from a coworker at my new job. One of my favorite fellows gave me the name just a few days into the job, for a truly ruthless comment I made to another coworker in his presence. Yep, I earned it and it stuck!

Ruthful is who I always am... tenderhearted, compassionate, and sorrowful, as well as rueful, feeling remorse for the misdeeds of my life. Yes, even a few of the ruthless ones, ha!

Speaking the truth of Ruth... I am ruthless in my mission to dig deep roots for myself and the current love of my life -- my dog Valentino.

Ruth I was born and I shall always be ... Ruth I am!