Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose Amuser

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As I begin anew with a Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose blog, I must thank all who have encouraged and supported me in my growth as a Poet and Writer over the years.

A special thank you to my aMUSEr—Len Maxwell—for stretching me as a writer, instilling in me the belief that I am an Author.

This, then, is my blog dedication to Len, inspired by and first published in response to, his writing prompt on Gather on March 10th, 2010: Write something (prose, poetry, fiction, essay, whatever) about vampires.

White-Winged Writer
The Poetess is Vamp

©Ruth Cox

Salivary spittle spews forth from his lips like molten rock from a volcano covering the sun-bespeckled ink upon her writing pad. Juices hungrily flow from his mind to hers.

Her creativity appears less restrictive under his influence. She writes of things with wings; words take flight in fanciful affairs far from everyday life. Darkness no longer looms, it has become a welcome place where she may fly about in splatterings of flirtatious fiction.

He, now spellbound by this spirited sight, feasts upon the fruits of artistic expression he feels responsible for—precisely the feeling she pens for him.

She, allows the Vampire to think his bloodsucking power is capable of taking and giving life. She, the Poetess, shall soon suck the darkness from his veins and he shall hunger only for the light of the Vamp... Forevermore.

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Sunlight Seductress
©Ruth Cox

The rays of the Sun
summon the Vampire:
to be; meld as one;
lifeblood of Desire.
The light of dark ink
revels in diction:
Poet; catch her wink;
Writer of Fiction.
The toast of the Vamp
wassails to suffuse:
imbued; cul-de-lampe;
mulled wine for the Muse.

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