Sunday, December 7, 2014

Good Morning Sunrise at Sea

When saddened by the end of a day or a year, of good times or bad, or of love and loss, we need only look to nature for a reminder that endings are but new beginnings.

This decorative porcelain plate, designed by abitosunshine with the addition of Haiku poem by Ruth Cox, will be here to remind you to look at the dawning of each new day as a bright beginning.

Sunrise Yesterday Demise Porcelain Plates
Sunrise Yesterday Demise Porcelain Plates by abitosunshine
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Photo of the sunrise over the pier was taken by me on a beach walk with my dog Tidbit in Carrabelle, Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico.

DISCLOSURE: Ruth Cox is a Zazzle store owner, designer, and associate as a means for earning online income through purchases made via product links in this article.