Sunday, February 15, 2015

Family of Kith and Kin

While we all come from a family of origin many of us have grown to love and be loved by chosen ones; rather, family by choice.

I am one of those whose family is born of kith and of kin. I have chosen to weave persons not related by blood with members of my blood relations to form the close-knit tapestry of which I deem family.

Time and circumstance can distance us physically or emotionally from our kinfolk. It is then that we have the right and the responsibility to choose to create our own families.

The ties that bind us closely together as a family are not necessarily found in bloodline. Sometimes we are more closely connected to souls to whom we are unrelated.

I believe family members are bound together by thoughts, feelings, and actions which reflect their compassionate caring of their relationships of one with the other. I also believe family to be ever-changing, as are its members — each to be loved forevermore.

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