Friday, September 1, 2017

Walking Sticks Cinquain Poem

Walking Sticks Insect Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose
Sometimes we need not take a walk in the woods for a treat from nature to inspire a poem.

In this case, all I needed to do was take out the trash. Had I not been paying attention I might have missed this creepy crawly walking stick looking right at me! Yes, those are the tips of my toes at the bottom of this picture.

Walking Stick Bug Ruth Cox Poetry and ProseI was fascinated as I watched the insect turn himself about, creeping his way to the top of the dumpster. The bug then turned toward the wall of the back of the house, crawling to the edge of the lid, then jumped on the door frame. Yes, I jumped right along with him!

The efforts of this walking stick insect deemed him worthy of much more than my own effort aimed toward penning a Cinquain poem just for him. Quite an inspirational gift from nature these walking sticks insects are!

Walking Sticks
©Ruth Cox

Slender, twig-like
Creeping, crawling, walking
Foul-smelling camouflage artists
Stick Bugs

Walking Sticks Cinquain Ruth Cox Poetry and Prose

I was fascinated by these creepy crawly walking stick bugs as a child and find myself even more so now as an elder adult. Oddly, I seem to be more appreciative of their presence now than ever before.

Have you seen any creepy creatures worthy of writing about lately? 

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