Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gladsome, Guided, and Grounded By Love

While with a canine companion by my side I have always felt well-grounded, the best-laid plans of a woman and her dog do not always come to pass on the long and winding road of life.

On a gladsome note ... Shortly after a glitch in the plans for me and my dog to move to the state of Washington occurred, I received an unexpected text message, followed by a telephone call, from my son and feel as if I have been granted a genuine chance for mother and son (and grandson!) to reunite as a real family.

I guess things really do happen for good reason. While I am feeling sadness about not going to Washington (meeting my friend Karen there and my friend Nancy along the way) I am feeling gladness about being guided to return to my home state of Ohio.

I look forward to working hard at repairing my damaged relationship with my son. And of course, I am feeling great about getting to know my grandson before he's all grown up.

I am also grateful to my previous boss (and friend) in Ohio who is giving me back my old job. I will at least have an immediate income. It's a start at a new beginning.

If not for the generous giving and support of others (via the Fundrazr set up on our behalf) this move would not be possible. I will be forever feeling gratitude for those who have made it possible for me and my dog Valentino to travel this leg of our life journey ... Together!

My plans to go west have been thwarted, at least temporarily. However, preparing to head north on the road of life, I am feeling...

Gladsome, Guided, and Grounded by Love!

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