Friday, April 24, 2015

Heavyhearted Resting Place

We often feel heavyhearted at the emotional ordeal of letting go of things we hold dear. We can let go when we know that a thing represents a fond memory that will be with us always.

Finding myself in a situation where I am having to downsize my personal belongings, I am facing letting go of many material possessions that I hold dear. However, I am fast to realize that these objects of my affection merely represent the memory of a time or place, or even a loved one's face, in my past. These are the people, places, and things I need never let go of, for they live in the mind of my heart forever.

This past week I experienced such an event that left me feeling heavyhearted. I have this wood carving of an eagle that I have carried across the country with me on various moves for nearly two decades. On the move I am about to make I have no room to tote my eagle along.

For days I contemplated whether I should try to sell my eagle at a yard sale or give it to someone I felt worthy of its presence. I chose the latter.

There is a couple that lives nearby that have befriended me and my dog Valentino. We look forward to seeing them on our daily walks in the neighborhood. Valentino runs to greet them as they call out to him. The woman in this pairing has lovely flower gardens throughout her yard and I often take pictures of her flowers (and the butterflies they attract!) My heart told me my eagle wood carving would be a splendid addition to the gal's garden fare.

One day my dog and I stopped to chat with the fellow and I told him I had a gift for his wife's flower gardens. Later that evening I carried the eagle up the street to their home, leaving it on their doorstep.

I felt a bit sad as I walked away from my eagle. Conversely, I felt humbled the next day as I saw the prominent resting place the carving had been given. From the street I could see the eagle sitting at the bottom of the front porch stairs, nestled alongside an old tree surrounded by ferns and flowering plants. What a vision to behold!

Book: Things We Once Held Dear
It will be easier for me now, the letting go of things once held dear, and my heavyhearted feeling seems to have vanished. It is as though the eagle is directing the pathway to my destiny. This is a heartening experience for me as I prepare to grasp an opportunity to look at life things through new eyes.

I can honestly say that this eagle-eyed experience has taken me from feeling heavyhearted to feeling lighthearted. Yes, I have let go of my wood-carved eagle that I once held dear but I shall remember its significance ... forevermore.

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