Friday, April 3, 2015

Feeling Emotionally Bankrupt Or Bloated

I thought it a case of feeling elderly until a chat with a younger friend brought me to the realization that what I was experiencing was akin to feeling emotionally bankrupt or bloated.

Although he is nearly twenty years my junior, I found my friend (whom I'll refer to as Leo) suffering the same emotive state of mind as I. To me, it appeared as though both of us teetered on the brink of emotional ruin.

Being sixty years of age and facing yet another major life storm, my emotions are running rampant and I find myself feeling spiritually bankrupt. I feel as if I am about to burst from the overflow of emotions. (Much like my tummy might feel if I were physically bloated from overeating.)

However, the difference this time was that it was a lot easier to deal with being in such an emotional state when I was younger. Or so I thought.

My conversation with Leo has me rethinking my emotive theory and I realize blaming my emotional bankruptcy on the fact of feeling elderly was an equivocal statement. Bloated or bankrupt, I feel it time I pull up my big girl panties and take evasive action.

Feeling exasperated and empty of enthusiasm, I decide that only by closing the door on non-essential thoughts and feelings can I renew my zest for living. No longer bamboozled by the winds of change, entrenched in the power invested by and for me — I declare myself proud owner of a new song to sing in the rain. (And to my friend Leo.)

This week my topic for the 26-Week ABC Challenge begins with the letter "E" — for EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT. (As well as a few other letter "E" emotions.)

Read all about the ABC Challenge and join us right here each week as we write and share our emotions from A to Z.

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