Friday, May 1, 2015

Infelicitous Dead End Street

When feeling ill at ease with where we are, it is a sure sign it is time to back up, return to that intersection, and turn the other way — before that infelicitous feeling takes over.

Who wants to live on an unhappy dead-end street forever?

Failure to read the signs on the road map of life which warn of possible danger ahead often leaves us feeling infelicitous with our circumstances. Fortunately for us, opportunities will arise to change our ill-chosen direction, thereby turning our life around on a newly chosen path.

It is through redirections that we learn valuable life lessons that will help us make better choices in the future. (Hopefully a little more quickly than we did in the past.) It is these redirects that often turn us from being unhappy campers into feeling felicitous with our life choices.

I have made a few U-turns along life's way and am about to do it again. A couple of years ago I moved from Ohio to Florida, which has left me feeling infelicitous. I am currently making preparations to leave the state of Florida with my hound dog Valentino. Ohio is our tentative destination but who knows how Signs shall sing to me along the way!

SIGNS by The Five Man Electrical Band
Video by Steve Carlsen

I will definitely read the signs and/or create a happy sign or two of my own, as the song saying goes, to ensure better odds of a happy landing rather than getting in a stew due to someone else stirring my emotional pot.

My topic today for the 26-Week ABC Challenge of emotions begins with the letter "I" — feeling INFELICITOUS.

Read all about the ABC Challenge and join us here each week as we write and share emotions from A to Z.

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