Friday, May 29, 2015

Live For Today the Mindfulness Way


In order for us to live for today we must set aside those thoughts and feelings of our past and future that lead us astray from the present moment.

I was reminded of this mindfulness truism today on my morning walk with my dog Valentino. My mind was a million miles away while he was dragging my body to and fro to places we need not go. As I began to focus my attention on our walk I was then able to enjoy our time together, as it should be.

Feeling Mindful Today

I find it encouraging what mine eyes can see when mind, body, and spirit are bundled together as one. Look! I did not miss the gift of this enlightening palm tree!

Yes, setting aside my worries and woes, I am feeling mindful today. I am ready to accept the present for what it is, to live for the moment, to enjoy the gifts each day brings.

In putting mindfulness meditation into practice I am able to focus on feelings in the present moment. I am able to address, yet dismiss, my concerns for the future of my dog and my self, acknowledging past emotions but leaving them where they lay. (Perhaps buried like a dog bone to be dug up another day.)

The Mindful Poet

While on the topic of mindfulness, I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to my author friend, Susan Budig, the Mindful Poet. I've no doubt you will enjoy her collection of poetry as much as I.

For the 26-Week ABC Challenge of emotions, my feeling begins with the letter "M" — MINDFUL.

Read all about the ABC Challenge and join us here each week as we write and share our emotions from A to Z.

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