Friday, March 6, 2015

Anticipating Spring Renewal

Each year at this time I always seem to have birth and rebirth in mind, anticipating Spring as a time of renewal for all living things.

On a walk with my dog this afternoon I spied an almost colorless single daffodil growing wild in a neighbor's yard. Through an array of growth of twigs and twining things, I envisioned the beauty her garden would bring come Spring.

Nearing home, I decided to sit in the back yard with my dog for a bit. I noticed the neighboring Plum tree beginning to come alive with its white blossoms. As I took a picture of a branch against the cloud covered blue sky, I felt as though I were sneaking a peek into the future with my cell phone camera's eye.

I sighed, "Spring is near," as I glanced at my dog Valentino sitting at my feet, eagerly anticipating the treat he had come to expect for his good behavior while I took photos. As Valentino munched on his Good Reasons dog treat gift from a friend, I smiled.

Anticipating Spring Renewal of Living Things
(Click the picture for a larger view.)

I knew change was in the air, more than just a seasonal thing. I knew that a major life move was soon to take place for me and my canine friend.

As I thought about our future together, again I smiled. For I also knew that no matter the anxiety I felt over a major life change I was sure of one thing ... My dog and I would be anticipating all that this new life adventure might bring — Together.

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