Friday, March 13, 2015

Is life balanceable?

Life is a balancing act, somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle, with the scales of justice seemingly not always on our side, not always factual nor fair.

Is life balanceable? is probably not a question to be asked nor answered by one who considers herself a perfectly balanced Libran gal. Yes, that would be me!

But of course, now that I have asked the question, I must try to deliver an answer. Unfortunately, we may be here writing and reading for hours, days, or more before that occurs, as first I must weigh all sides of the query, one alongside the other, in order to determine a factual and fair response.

My gut instinct would be to burst forth (with a bit o' sunshine, perhaps) an emphatic Yes! On the other hand, outside forces often fan the flames of life desires in such a way that a missing piece or two of the puzzle may render the balancing act difficult, nigh impossible, to achieve — should one believe.

I choose not to be a believer of impossibility. In all fairness I have weighed the facts of life to be balanceable indeed.

Sure, there are flames of fire forever looking to burn the bridges upon that which we plan as our life path. But at the beginning and at the end of a day — there is always a bit o' sunshine to be found!

Gut instinct wins and life shall be balanceable upon the scales of justice.

Note: Special thanks to a few special friends who are tipping the scales of my outlook on life with their jigsaw puzzle expertise.

Perfectly Balanced Libra Postcard
Perfectly Balanced Libra Postcard by abitosunshine
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