Friday, March 20, 2015

I Think I Can Meet Challenges Feeling Confident

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Sometimes more easily said than done, the best way to meet a challenge is by facing it head on with an "I can" confident feeling.

Ease Fear and Self-Doubt

Often the uncertainty of a life circumstance can leave us lacking confidence in ourselves and others. However, there are things we can do to ease our fear and self-doubt.

  • Over the years I have had plenty of practice to perfect the appearance of feeling confident. I have mastered this by walking with head, heart, and shoulders held high, even when life throws me a curve ball. 
  • When I catch myself wavering in my confidence stance, I seek a bit of sunshine and solace from my resource bank: my trusted friends and family, a walk with my canine companion, and the strength held within from a lifetime of survival.
  • Think back to a life challenge that you have previously experienced. Recall what it is that pulled you through, enabling you to come out the other side feeling confident for the next mountain to climb. (Yes, there will forever be challenges!)
  • Trust others as one of your greatest resources. Get out there and cultivate relationships with those who build you up rather than pull you down.
  • Much like The Little Engine That Could in books for kids, an "I think I can" attitude can propel us to push past our fear, enabling us to try. Read the book again and again and you are sure to feel your self-doubt dissipating with every turn of the page.

Get By With A Little Help From Friends

I Knew You Could!
With a little help from trustworthy friends we can move from I think to I know I can. The friend who supports us with an "I knew you could" assurance is a good friend indeed. These are the life companions we need to reach out to when our confidence needs a boost.

When challenged, I know I can feel confident — with a little help from my friends. All I am required to do is to ask and I shall receive that which I need.

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That said, here is my present life challenge and I assure you, I am feeling quite certain that my needs are being met in order for me to move forward with confidence.

This article is part of the 26-Week ABC Challenge of emotions. This week's topic begins with the letter "C" — in my case, for CONFIDENT.

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