Friday, March 27, 2015

Determined Spirit

One need only look to nature for that which inspires one to stay determined to stand with a robust spirit along the road map of life.

I waited patiently while I watched the vibrant red flowers come to life on a Florida Bottlebrush tree. (And I am not a patient person!) Each day a little more red would rise on the flower's journey to reach full bloom of its color.

I learned from the Bottlebrush flower that even though there are times when I may feel lost and without direction if I but stay the course I shall reach my destination with my sunshine spirit intact.

©Ruth Cox

Directionless feeling
Darest not to despair.

Dedicated notion
Driven never dauntless.

Delirious spirit
Drawn toward debonair.

Grow Your Own Bottlebrush Tree

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This poetry and prose is part of the 26-Week ABC Challenge of emotions. This week's topic begins with the letter "D" — in my case, for DETERMINED. (As well as a few other letter "D" emotions.)

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