Friday, July 3, 2015

Fear Not Living Dangerously

Shall we run and hide or shall we forge ahead to seek and find the truth hidden behind our lying eyes?

Sure. We can take an imaginary walk on a pathway of life and see that danger signs are visible. We can then take refugee in the known, thereby avoiding that bright red blaring sign and what may lie beyond it.

Or... We can choose to face our imagined fears head on. By choosing to be daring enough to go forward, perhaps living dangerously, we may find the true nature of our imagined danger.

Life choices are filled with complexities, real and imagined. At the ripe old age of sixty, I should have learned the difference by now. At the least, I should forge ahead to seek and find the truth of the matter.

I plan to do just that, by Daring and Doing!

Quotes to Live By

I often search for great quotes to live by and have even penned a few of my own to picture poem format on photo prints.

I submit my quotable quote articles to Michele Bergh in her weekly Quotography Link Up for others who create and share quotes on graphics. Come join us every Friday!

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