Friday, July 10, 2015

Sunny Side Up

I awoke to the beauty of a sunny day, glanced at the still sleeping hound at the foot of my bed, and somehow just knew ours was to be a sunny-side-up kind of day, come what may.

I immediately began to make it so. I fried up a pair of eggs for myself, adding an extra for my dog Valentino, of course. As I topped his breakfast bowl with warm egg yolk drizzling into his kibble, Valentino tap danced on the kitchen tile floor. When I knew he could wait no more, I sounded the Good boy, go! command.

While eating my pair of sunny-side up eggs on pita bread toast, the telephone rang. I smiled at the picture of an old friend in Ohio popping onto the cell phone screen. Ah! It really is the start of a grand day!

Valentino soon danced in front of me, begging for his morning walk. "No more time to talk," said I to my friend. "I need to walk my dog."

Then I grabbed my dog's harness and leash and out into the sunshine we went. We walked and jogged the neighborhood loop, took care of dog business, then walked the loop again.

We both drank our fill of cool water along our way and again upon our return home nearly an hour later. Temperatures were rising. It was going to be another hot and humid day under the Florida sunshine.

Enjoy my poetic creation, a visual display of the promise of a sweltry day, written in Cinquain poetry form.

Sunny-side Up Cinquain Picture Poem by Ruth Cox

And know this ... I plan to hold on to this sunny-side-up feeling all day long and then some!

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