Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ruth I Am

There came a time in my life when I began to appreciate my given name — Ruth. Yet, still, I must wonder about the gift of such a namesake.

In the beginning was a baby girl — ruthful — having a full life stretched out before her. In the end is an old woman — ruthless — having become less than she once was.

Then and Now - Ruth I Am

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Through the passages of a life of strife, just like the biblical Ruth from whence my name came, there have been blessings for my ruth-full-ness of which I am grateful. Nonetheless, there are those times when my emotions get the better of me and I pen a poem from the tenderheartedness of Ruth.

Ruth I Am
©Ruth Cox

Ruth I am
Feeling ruthful.

Then I age
Growing fruitless
With no more
Living youthful
Still I do
Wander rootless
As of now
Speaking truthful

Ruth I am
Feeling ruthless.

RUTHFUL and RUTHLESS are my chosen words for the ABC Challenge of Emotions.

This week we are writing about our emotions beginning with the letter "R" and hope that you will share your feelings with us by linking up with an article of your own.

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