Friday, July 17, 2015

Moving Sound The Trumpet Flowers

Moving! Sound the Trumpets!
Toxic Trumpet Flowers
Whether Brugmansia or Datura — Angel's Trumpets or Devil's Trumpets — make no mistake, these flowers are highly toxic to mankind and to pets and animals.

Why? you might ask, use my picture of the white trumpet flower to announce that I am moving. My answer, quite simply, is that finding these flowers while walking with my dog Valentino this week seemed appropriate as I find myself teetering on the fence of mixed emotions in reaction to this inevitable move.

Sound The Triumphant Trumpets

Feeling trumpet-like and quite triumphant, we are leaving Florida, leaving behind our living in a toxic environment. (Enough said!)

Taken aback by many tepid reactions to our move, I have remained tenacious in my efforts to make a new and improved life for me and my dog Valentino. I have dodged many a thwarted plan to realize a pathway to a non-toxic life for us. Neither the naysayers nor those who choose not to encourage me in this move shall thwart this plan.

Moving From Florida To Ohio

I now have a job waiting for me and I have rented a home for me and my dog. Sound the Trumpets!

Yes, this triumphant feeling has me looking forward to a move back to Ohio, the land of my birth. This move is made possible by many who are supporting me emotionally and financially. For these friends and strangers I will forever feel thankful.

I shall forgive those who chose to add to the toxicity in my life, for it is my nature to love even those who have a funny way of showing it in return. I shall never forget those who are encouraging me across every mile. These are the ones who are the light of my way home.

To hell with the devils among us! I hear the Angel's Trumpets ringing loud and clear, singing their trumpet-like song for me and Valentino — Triumphant, together.

I share my moving emotions beginning with the letter "T" this week in the ABC Challenge, my feelings being TRUMPET-LIKE and TRIUMPHANT.

NOTE: This will be my last submission until I am back up and writing from my new home. I will continue the ABC Challenge of Emotions upon my return. This link-up will remain open for you to share the links to your emotional articles in my absence.

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