Sunday, June 7, 2015

Creative Inspiration for Peace

My poetry and prose, as well as my poetic creations, are often inspired by nature or by the words of another. My creative offerings for today were born of both.

Shortly after I published one of my sky view photos with commentary entitled "Slice of Balmy Palmy Sky" I received my first comment on the content of my article. I was inspired by the words of this friend and fellow writer.

I immediately opened my Corel Paint Shop graphics program and began a picture postcard creation with the same image previously used in my article. But of course, I felt the need to pen my feelings in Haiku upon the image too.

This motivational and inspirational design is available on a poster or upon a postcard. (Click image for a larger view of the poster shown.)

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative works?

We seemed to be in the same frame of mind in regards to nature's artistry, author Merry Citarella and I; so much so that I dedicated my design to her in my product description. Thank you for the comment and the creative inspiration, Merry!

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