Friday, June 19, 2015

Tired of Feeling Pooped

I'm feeling pooped! Why? Because... Chit happens!

In all seriousness... There is a lot going on in my life (past, present, and probably future) so I have good reason to feel pooped. A dramatic life can be exhausting!

No doubt many of you will agree with me on what to do when life seems to dish out more than we think we can handle. For what I call "emotional constipation" I have the cure!

I'm gonna grab my shovel and scoop that poop right out of my life!

Seriously, chit can that negative drama, and thinking, right out of your life, just like you would pooper-scooper up the "business" end of a dog's life.

Guess how you feel when you do... Just like the dog does when he's dumped his stuff. The dog is done and runs off full of energy, ready to have fun!

Our time for not feeling pooped has come. Our time for living life with a flair for fun has come. Let's go Scoop da Poop!

I feel better already, don't you?

My article topic for today begins with the letter "P" for feeling POOPED.

Each week we share emotions from A to Z in the ABC Challenge. Hop along with us!

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