Friday, June 12, 2015

Over The Moon

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When everyday life things make me feel as if I may fall (or jump) over the edge of my world, it takes but a tidbit of sunshine to leave me feeling over the moon.

Now, I am one who believes that much-needed sunshine for my spirit can always be found no matter my life circumstances, no matter the darkness — IF I but open up my senses to see its light. And you can bet that when my life seems out of balance, I am learning that when I am more mindful of the moment I can better see what needs seeing.

For instance... Today I was feeling a bit off-kilter, for no special reason. I paused my fingers on the keyboard, turned and looked through the pass-thru from my work area to the living room. There my dog Valentino was lounging on his sofa, head raised off his pillow — looking back at me!

My dog Valentino looking back at me.

One look from Valentino sent me over the moon with warm emotion. I snapped a picture of my handsome fellow, gave him a petting and a snuggle, then back to my desktop computer I went with a smile in my spirit.

It takes but a small thing to change someone's emotional state. Your loving look, your smile, or the sound of your voice might surely be the sunshine that takes them from over the edge to over the moon.

Today, I am feeling over the moon!

My article topic for today begins with the letter "O" for feeling over the moon.

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