Friday, June 19, 2015

Sunshine Burst Quotable Quote

While a picture perfect sunrise enlivens the spirit one need not witness the rising of the sun in order to reap its spiritual rewards.

I can say that with all honesty as I do not actually witness many sunrises, even though sunshine lives deep within my very being.

I am NOT a morning person! Thus, I rely on past experiences, the sunrise views others may share, and my own imaginative mind.

Then, there are also words that will burst into being written that will bring a picture of pure sweet sunshine bursting into my day, making sure I feel alive. Sometimes they are the words of another, oftentimes they are my own.

In the case of this sunshine burst — both picture and words are mine, brought together in a visual quote. In this case the words are arrayed in the poetry form, Cinquain.

Susnshine Burst Quotable Quote

The photo was taken while sharing a Christmas Eve sunrise (2013) with my dog Tidbit. We rose early to catch it and neither she nor I were disappointed with our heavenly view.

It is my hope that when you are in need of a bit of sunshine and can not actually see the sun, that you are able to view my poetic creation for the light to renew your spirit.

This quotable quote of mine is made for your enjoyment. Feel free to use it, providing you do not change it in any way and you must link it back to this page. Be sure to let me know in the comments the link to where you used it so I can visit!

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