Friday, June 26, 2015

Quixotic Certainty

Recently, an impromptu discussion on a social site has me questioning the pathways I have traveled along my life journey. As we talked of growing where planted I wondered if I had moved on from a place before reaching the growing season.

My Vision in the Sky of Quixotic Certainty

I wonder if it is possible to return to that place from whence I came. Had I been planted there for a reason, perhaps to live through and to reap the full potential of rewards held within that season of growth? Would it be possible to meld the old, the bad, and the dark gray with the new, the good, and the brilliant blue?

Don Quixote by Cervantes
I daresay, I am feeling quite quixotic! I am about to embark on a road of life which may or may not have a positive outcome on my future, as well as that of others.

Why do this? one might ask. I plan to make this move because it is the right thing for me to do. I must believe good will prevail over seemingly insurmountable odds, as did the character Sancho in the literary classic Don Quixote.

As a realist, I believe that no matter the consequences of this decision, I will have climbed above that mountain of odds before me. In so doing, I will reach my full potential in my own emotional growth. Perhaps the miracle of following my feelings.

Like them or not, I cannot help but question whether the paths I have trod have led me to plant myself right where I need to grow. Back to my future I travel — taking no wrong exits and no infelicitous dead-end streets.

Note of thanks to Renda and Ben for their enlightening inspiration for this article.

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