Friday, July 17, 2015

Moving Sound The Trumpet Flowers

Moving! Sound the Trumpets!
Toxic Trumpet Flowers
Whether Brugmansia or Datura — Angel's Trumpets or Devil's Trumpets — make no mistake, these flowers are highly toxic to mankind and to pets and animals.

Why? you might ask, use my picture of the white trumpet flower to announce that I am moving. My answer, quite simply, is that finding these flowers while walking with my dog Valentino this week seemed appropriate as I find myself teetering on the fence of mixed emotions in reaction to this inevitable move.

Sound The Triumphant Trumpets

Feeling trumpet-like and quite triumphant, we are leaving Florida, leaving behind our living in a toxic environment. (Enough said!)

Taken aback by many tepid reactions to our move, I have remained tenacious in my efforts to make a new and improved life for me and my dog Valentino. I have dodged many a thwarted plan to realize a pathway to a non-toxic life for us. Neither the naysayers nor those who choose not to encourage me in this move shall thwart this plan.

Moving From Florida To Ohio

I now have a job waiting for me and I have rented a home for me and my dog. Sound the Trumpets!

Yes, this triumphant feeling has me looking forward to a move back to Ohio, the land of my birth. This move is made possible by many who are supporting me emotionally and financially. For these friends and strangers I will forever feel thankful.

I shall forgive those who chose to add to the toxicity in my life, for it is my nature to love even those who have a funny way of showing it in return. I shall never forget those who are encouraging me across every mile. These are the ones who are the light of my way home.

To hell with the devils among us! I hear the Angel's Trumpets ringing loud and clear, singing their trumpet-like song for me and Valentino — Triumphant, together.

I share my moving emotions beginning with the letter "T" this week in the ABC Challenge, my feelings being TRUMPET-LIKE and TRIUMPHANT.

NOTE: This will be my last submission until I am back up and writing from my new home. I will continue the ABC Challenge of Emotions upon my return. This link-up will remain open for you to share the links to your emotional articles in my absence.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Plant It and They Will Come

If You Plant It, They Will Come
However big or small your field of dreams, it must first be planted before it may grow to fruition. Plant it and they will come true.

The same is true with friendship. To have a friend we must first become one, then nurture the bond over time and circumstance to watch it grow.

This quotable quote "from seed of the sun friendship will come" is planted and penned in epigram poetry form by Ruth Cox.

We are planting our sunflower and butterfly friendship quote creation in the Quotography Link Up today and hope to find you planted there too!

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Sunny Side Up

I awoke to the beauty of a sunny day, glanced at the still sleeping hound at the foot of my bed, and somehow just knew ours was to be a sunny-side-up kind of day, come what may.

I immediately began to make it so. I fried up a pair of eggs for myself, adding an extra for my dog Valentino, of course. As I topped his breakfast bowl with warm egg yolk drizzling into his kibble, Valentino tap danced on the kitchen tile floor. When I knew he could wait no more, I sounded the Good boy, go! command.

While eating my pair of sunny-side up eggs on pita bread toast, the telephone rang. I smiled at the picture of an old friend in Ohio popping onto the cell phone screen. Ah! It really is the start of a grand day!

Valentino soon danced in front of me, begging for his morning walk. "No more time to talk," said I to my friend. "I need to walk my dog."

Then I grabbed my dog's harness and leash and out into the sunshine we went. We walked and jogged the neighborhood loop, took care of dog business, then walked the loop again.

We both drank our fill of cool water along our way and again upon our return home nearly an hour later. Temperatures were rising. It was going to be another hot and humid day under the Florida sunshine.

Enjoy my poetic creation, a visual display of the promise of a sweltry day, written in Cinquain poetry form.

Sunny-side Up Cinquain Picture Poem by Ruth Cox

And know this ... I plan to hold on to this sunny-side-up feeling all day long and then some!

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Join us for the ABC Challenge!

From this list of emotion words that begin with the letter "s" ... What word would you use to describe how you are feeling today?

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Fear Not Living Dangerously

Shall we run and hide or shall we forge ahead to seek and find the truth hidden behind our lying eyes?

Sure. We can take an imaginary walk on a pathway of life and see that danger signs are visible. We can then take refugee in the known, thereby avoiding that bright red blaring sign and what may lie beyond it.

Or... We can choose to face our imagined fears head on. By choosing to be daring enough to go forward, perhaps living dangerously, we may find the true nature of our imagined danger.

Life choices are filled with complexities, real and imagined. At the ripe old age of sixty, I should have learned the difference by now. At the least, I should forge ahead to seek and find the truth of the matter.

I plan to do just that, by Daring and Doing!

Quotes to Live By

I often search for great quotes to live by and have even penned a few of my own to picture poem format on photo prints.

I submit my quotable quote articles to Michele Bergh in her weekly Quotography Link Up for others who create and share quotes on graphics. Come join us every Friday!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ruth I Am

There came a time in my life when I began to appreciate my given name — Ruth. Yet, still, I must wonder about the gift of such a namesake.

In the beginning was a baby girl — ruthful — having a full life stretched out before her. In the end is an old woman — ruthless — having become less than she once was.

Then and Now - Ruth I Am

I am Ruth - Amazon Books
Through the passages of a life of strife, just like the biblical Ruth from whence my name came, there have been blessings for my ruth-full-ness of which I am grateful. Nonetheless, there are those times when my emotions get the better of me and I pen a poem from the tenderheartedness of Ruth.

Ruth I Am
©Ruth Cox

Ruth I am
Feeling ruthful.

Then I age
Growing fruitless
With no more
Living youthful
Still I do
Wander rootless
As of now
Speaking truthful

Ruth I am
Feeling ruthless.

RUTHFUL and RUTHLESS are my chosen words for the ABC Challenge of Emotions.

This week we are writing about our emotions beginning with the letter "R" and hope that you will share your feelings with us by linking up with an article of your own.

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